Simple + Practical Homeschooling

simple homeschool planner

Introducing the Simple Homeschool Planner- Your companion for all things homeschool!

This no frills planner will guide you through the planning process from start to finish. It’s comprehensive and packed with features to keep you organized and on track.

the details

The Simple Homeschool Planner includes...

-12 month/ undated planning for an entire year

-planning for up to 6 children!

-monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages

-thematic as well a seasonal planning pages

-tracking pages for grades, assessments, and standardized tests

-logs for field trips, hours outside, and family read-alouds

-planning sheets for volunteering, as well as co-op and group learning opportunities

Jot down weekly rhythms and routines for your family including extra curricular activites.

Daily planning pages allow space for up to 6 children. Space for individual subject planning as well as combined studies. 

What sets us apart

Our planner is designed to align your homeschool with rhythms and routines that naturally change as the seasons do. There are seasonal thematic unit planning pages for you to jot down ideas as they come to mind, a tracker for hours spent outside each season, as well as planning for seasonal field trips such as apple picking in the fall and visiting a strawberry patch in the spring.

Available as a printable PDF or Have a spiral Planner shipped to your door