How to Start a Family-Style Book Club

Start a family-style book club and share the love of reading with kids of all ages! This guide will give you all the information you need to embark on a literary adventure through the concept of a family book club. 

how to host a family book club

Why we need more family book clubs

In a world where screens dominate our attention and schedules, the simple act of sitting down with a book can be the most formative and precious moment of your day. We live in a fast-paced age when family time can easily be overshadowed by schedules and individual pursuits. It’s crucial that we cherish moments that will bring us together. 

Starting a family book club and inviting other families to join fosters a sense of community among families. Sharing reading experiences creates connections and friendships that extend beyond the pages of a book! The celebration can also be a healthy way for kids and adults to interact without screens and provide an opportunity for children to express opinions and have discussions that encourage critical thinking. 

But the best reason to host a family book club is because it’s FUN! Celebrating a book with your family and friends creates lasting memories. 

What is a family book club

I believe one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy time as a family is by intentionally allowing time to read together as a whole family. Reading alongside our loved ones can form bonds and connections with those we love most. 

I want to share with you an adventure that not only highlights the importance of reading and bonding but introduces you to the delightful concept of a family book club! Family book club isn’t just about turning pages (although that’s important), it’s about turning moments into memories that will be cherished. Family book club is simply choosing a book, inviting other families to read along, and celebrating together once everyone has finished the book. I’m going to show you how simple it is to do just that. 

Let’s explore the world of family book clubs and discover how this creative avenue can foster a deep love of reading while creating connections with other families over the pages of a good book. 

Choosing the right book

When planning a book club, encourage families to read the chosen book aloud as a family. When a story is read aloud, kids of any age can enjoy it. This is a wonderful way to get a child involved who maybe hasn’t found the love of reading quite yet. Young children, even toddlers take in more than we know. While parents are reading, they might play quietly nearby and even come and go. As parents read, they too are making connections and learning new vocabulary. 

As the host, you get the privilege of choosing the book invited families will read! Here are a few suggestions that will help you think through your decision.

Select a book that will cater to all ages and appeal to both boys and girls. 

Consider age appropriateness for younger children. While using books to discuss difficult topics is helpful for families, you want to make sure what you’ve suggested isn’t inappropriate. 

Choose a book that will spark discussion and adventure. 

Inside my Guide to Shared Reading Adventures. I’ve included a list of 8 of our favorite books that will be wonderful to read and share together. You’ll have a list to pull from as well as a summary of each book that will aid in making your decision. Each book is appropriate for different ages and makes for good conversation. 

Plan the book celebration

I call it a celebration because that’s what it is. Family book club is a celebration of reading and a celebration of friendships. When you’re planning your book club meeting the first thing you’ll want to do is set a date. I would allow 4-6 weeks for families to read the chosen book aloud. After you’ve chosen a date, consider a location and get your invites out. 

I’ve made invites easy by providing a 100% editable digital invitation in my Family Book Club Guide. All you’ll need is a free Canva account and the book club details. You’ll download the invite and edit it to your liking, adding the date, title, and location. The invite I’ve created has been sized to print as a postcard. You could easily print these out and add a postcard stamp for a few cents and send them snail mail. Your guests will love getting a special invite in their mailbox. 

However, if printing isn’t an option just save the image and forward it in an email or text to families you would like in attendance. 

Next Steps

After your invites are sent, take some time to plan your event. Think about the story and brainstorm ways to really make the book come alive for your guests. A few things to consider…

  • Themed snacks
  • Crafts and activities based on the book
  • Games
  • Possibility of a take-home gift for your book club members

​Each part of your celebration should be centered around the story you’ve read as a family. Be sure to include activities for kids of all ages. Remember, this is a book club for the entire family. 

What’s Included in the download

I’ve set you up for a successful book club with all of the details in the Starting a Family Book Club: Guide to Shared Reading Adventure. 

​By purchasing this guide, you’ll get 13 pages of information on brainstorming, planning, and executing your first family-style book club. In addition to all of this, you’ll also receive…

  • The ‘why’ behind family-style book club, the importance of family reading time, and ideas for families with busy schedules.
  • ​Information on selecting the proper book.
  • Ideas for your book club location.
  • A fully customizable invite: Editable in Canva (free account required)
  • Discussion Questions: Book discussion is an essential part of your celebration. I recommend a short book chat at the beginning of your time together. Children might discuss their favorite character, give a star rating, or even ask their own questions.  In order to make things easy for you, I’ve included a discussion guide with over 20 questions that can be used in guiding the discussion of any book.
  • An example book club guide for Little House in the Big Woods: Themed decoration ideas, snacks, crafts, and games. All the book club FUN!
  • A list and description of 8 books to use for family book club: Each with a short book description and all are quality literature. No junk. 

I strongly believe that sharing a good book with loved ones has a powerful impact. This guide aims to inspire your creativity and kindle a passion for creating memories and having fun with other families who share your love of reading.

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