Welcome to Chasing Our Simple, where the kitchen is the heart of our home and the hub of nourishment for families like yours.

I’m Autumn, a homeschooling mom of five little ones, and I understand the beautiful but often chaotic dance of balancing a bustling household while striving to provide wholesome meals. Here at Chasing Our Simple, I share my journey with sourdough- a journey that began with curiosity and skepticism but evolved into a passion for making it accessible, especially for fellow busy moms who might feel overwhelmed.

I believe that nourishing our families shouldn’t be sacrificed in the name of time constraints! Through easy-to-follow guides, simplified sourdough recipes, and tips tailored for beginners or those with jam-packed schedules, my aim is to demystify the art of sourdough and make it a feasible addition to your kitchen.

So whether you’re a homeschooling parent or a mom juggling a multitude of tasks, join me in discovering the JOY of nourishing meals without compromising your precious time.

Let’s make sourdough a SIMPLE, DELIGHTFUL part of your family’s journey to wholesome living!

man and woman with 4 children walking through a field