Gift Ideas for Family-Style Gift Giving – Christmas 2023

Family-style gift giving is a wonderful idea that fosters togetherness and memory-making, but it can be challenging to find just the right present. I want to share several gift ideas that the whole family will enjoy! 

In a world filled with flashy advertisements and extravagant gift lists, it’s refreshing to take a step back and embrace the true spirit of the holiday season. For those of us who value simplicity and thoughtful giving, Christmas is about more than just presents; it’s an opportunity to create moments together and express our love through meaningful gestures. 

This Christmas, I invite you to join me on a journey away from the hustle and bustle, as I explore great family gift ideas that don’t just fill a space under the tree but fill hearts with warmth, joy, and the magic of family connections.

family style gift giving

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Experience-Based Gifts

Experience gifts are a personal favorite for my own family. These are gifts we love to give and receive. Over the years we’ve gifted playground passes, movie tickets, and season passes to favorite family spots. 

Season Pass: Look for a local attraction, zoo, or museum that offers a family pass! Parents will love receiving this gift because it’s fun for the entire family and can be experienced time and time again. 

Movie Tickets/ Theatre Gift Card: Who doesn’t love a special outing to the theatre? I know our family does but to be honest it’s a big expense when you have a large family. This is why movie tickets make such a great gift! 

Nature Inspired

I’m always a big fan of getting outside. Encourage other families to do the same by gifting time outside. 

Outdoor Games: Encourage families to get outdoors with classic lawn games like these. A friendly match in the backyard encourages everyone to step outside, enjoy the fresh air, and get a little physical activity. 

National Park or State Park Passes: Passes like these, make great family Christmas gifts and are an invitation to connect with nature and make family memories in the beauty of the outdoors! I realize not everyone lives close to one of the national parks, but this could be a great way to encourage a family who loves to travel. Road trip! 

family style gift giving

Personal Keepsakes

Choosing personal keepsakes as family-style gifts is a heartfelt way to celebrate the ties that bind us. These cherished mementos, often customized or handcrafted, carry a deep sense of sentimental value 

Recipe Book: This is a meaningful gift that can be passed down through generations. In this keepsake recipe journal, families can save their best recipes, cooking hacks, and tasty memories. There’s space for over 100 recipes and helpful journaling prompts like, “What was the first dish you ever made?” This is one of the top gifts to give this year in my opinion!

Custom View Finder: This new spin on an old classic may be my favorite gift to give this season. It’s a small gift that will bring so much joy when families see their own photos inside! I’ll also be gifting a few of these as individual gifts this year. 

Family Time

Portable Projector with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: A fun family gift that allows families to watch a movie anywhere. The best family gift for inspiring family movie night!

Classic family games: Games make a good family gift for encouraging a night of laughter and competition. Grab a board game, maybe a fun card game, and a puzzle to create a bundle for family game night!

Outdoor Pizza Oven: Unwrapping a pizza oven is sure to make someone very happy! It’s a gift that promises not just mouthwatering homemade pizza but also countless family gatherings and fun-filled evenings outdoors.

The Biggest Story Bible Storybook: “The Bible is a BIG book about the BIGGEST story.” Each page tells about the God who created the world, acted in history, and continues to act in the present. This makes the list of the best family gifts because it’s the only one that can literally be life-changing. There’s no better way to spend time as a family than reading about the biggest and best story of all time!

Ice Cream Maker: Know a family with a sweet tooth? Families can share time in the kitchen by experimenting with flavors and mix-ins, making a sweet treat together. There are so many to choose from but I’ve found a few options at different price points.

Subscription Services

These subscription services can cater to various interests and ages within the family, ensuring everyone finds something enjoyable and enriching to engage with during the holiday season and beyond.

Audible or Audiobook Subscription: An Audible or audiobook subscription allows families to enjoy audiobooks together, whether during road trips, bedtime stories, or simply as a shared reading experience.

Meal Kit Delivery: Services like Blue Apron, HelloFresh, or Sun Basket offer meal kits with fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, making family dinners a fun and delicious experience. This is a practical but thoughtful gift for busy families. 

Creative DIY Gifts

For creative families, give a gift that provides endless opportunities for hands-on learning and artistic exploration, fostering both creativity and family togetherness.

The Adventure Challenge: This is a great idea! This gift comes with an Instax-style camera and a family adventure-keeping book. Every adventure in the book is a surprise until you scratch it off! As a family, you scratch off your adventure, do it, take a picture, and let the book become a keepsake full of memories to look back on. Honestly, I think this is on top of my best gifts to give list! This is such a fun way to spend time together. 

Art Supply Gift Basket: Know a family who loves making and creating? Fill a basket full of everything they need to get creative! 

Giving Back Together

Choosing to support a chosen charity as a Christmas gift holds a special meaning beyond materialism. It’s a simple gesture reflecting the season’s spirit—compassion, generosity, and goodwill towards others. By making a donation to a cause close to the family’s heart, you’re not only expressing your love and thoughtfulness but also making a positive impact on those in need. Supporting a chosen charity as a gift can be a meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one by making a lasting difference in the lives of others.

World Vision Gift Catalog: A collection of more than 100 charitable gifts you can donate in someone’s honor. This is a perfect gift for a family with a heart for giving and philanthropy. 

The Spirit of the Season

Family-style gift-giving serves as a reminder that the most precious gifts we can offer one another are those that originate from the heart. It’s not about the tangible items we exchange, but rather the memories that linger long after the wrapping paper has been discarded. 

As we celebrate the joy of Christmas, let’s slow down and cherish these moments that family-style gift-giving symbolizes.  Let’s make this season one of the love and togetherness that define our families.

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