Establishing a Sourdough Starter

Sourdough shouldn’t be complicated! Use my free day-by-day guide to establishing a sourdough starter.

Making a sourdough starter is fairly simple but nurturing flour and water into an active culture can be confusing. I’ve made an illustrated graphic that will take you through the process day-by-day.

Establishing a good sourdough starter is the foundation for delicious bread. Don’t be nervous. Just get started. Know that you will bake some not so great looking loaves along the way but actually getting in the kitchen is the best way to learn.

top view of a glass jar filled with a bubbly sourdough starter

To get started you really only need 3 things.


Quality flour. I recommend using King Arthur Organic All Purpose.

A jar. Any wide mouth jar that’s at least the size of a pickle jar will do. I love the Weck brand canning jars but you probably have something in your fridge that will do the trick.

Now all you need to do is CLICK the image below to get my free graphic and get started!

infographic for establishing a sourdough starter

Once you’ve established your starter I have several recipes that you will want to try!

Tartine Bakery Sourdough Recipe: This is my go-to sourdough loaf recipe. It’s a great beginner recipe with step-by-step instructions.

Easy Sourdough Discard Biscuits: If you’re ready to make the best biscuits you’ll ever put in your mouth, try these!

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