Embracing Slow and Intentional Living

Let’s practice embracing slow and intentional living with a 4 week challenge as we begin a new season with intentionality.

What is slow living

Slow living is an approach to life that savors moments and seeks to find happiness in simple things. It’s in opposition to a fast-paced life. Those who practice it are encouraged to intentionally focus on being in the present moment.

slow living

You might have heard the phrase “simple living” or choosing a “slow lifestyle.” It’s all a way of saying that individuals who choose this approach to life are making a conscious or intentional decision to be more mindful of our time and experiences.

The benefits of slow and intentional living

We live in a fast-paced world and have everything at our fingertips. We can have a meal or groceries delivered to us in less than an hour or place an order online and have the product on our doorstep in under 2 days for no additional charge. It’s not that I’m against any of those things. I’m not. I shop online and sometimes have my groceries delivered to avoid shopping. But I believe we’ve become accuse to wanting and believing that we need it all right here, right now.

Slow living promotes a more sustainable lifestyle that advocates for thoughtful decision making and to put it simply, an appreciation of life’s simple pleasures.

As we approach a new season, it only makes sense to move into it with a purpose and mindfulness. Slow and intentional living is a choice and like most good things, it will not happen overnight. Its a practice and it will take practice. That’s why I’ve chosen to highlight the benefits and give practical advice on how to incorporate slow and intentional living into our daily lives through a challenge I’m calling the Slow and Intentional Fall Challenge.

slow and intentional fall challenge

The slow and intentional living challenge

This will be a 4 week series throughout the month of September setting you up for an intentional fall season. Each week you’ll receive an email with details pertaining to our challenge. The email will include a slow living prompt for the week and practical ways to incorporate it into our days.

Enjoying a Slow+Intentional Fall will not happen by accident. We will need to put some thought into each weeks topic in order to shift our perspective and set intentions. 

This challenge is for anyone who has a longing to live a slower lifestyle, one that’s different from the world. No matter if you’re a homemaker, a full time employee outside the home, a mother, single; these practices can be applied in your life.

My hope is that by living out this challenge, we can make gradual shifts in our daily lives that will help us to slow down and really savor the upcoming season. I want this fall to be one that we treasure and take the time to really enjoy.

I’m in this with you! I’m no expert but I will be sharing what I’m learning, my thoughts and behind the scenes of this challenge on my instagram account and I’ll be using the hashtag #slowintentionalfallchallenge. I’d love for you to share and tag me as you begin embracing slow and intentional living.

How to join us for the challenge

If you are feeling the pull to slow down and have a greater appreciation for life’s simple pleasures, I encourage you to join us for the Slow and Intentional Fall Challenge. It’s free and it’s easy to sign up!

All you need to do is enter you name and email on the form below. Within a few minutes you’ll receive a welcome email followed by a new challenge each Sunday in your inbox.

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