DIY Easy Ideas for Indoor Halloween Decorations

With a few items from around the house these DIY easy ideas for indoor halloween decorations can be created in minutes. 

There’s something so nostalgic about Halloween. Maybe it’s the memories of dressing up and wondering around the neighborhoods collecting candy or just the childlike anticipation of it all. I love it when the temperatures begin to fall and night creeps in just a little bit earlier. I just gives me a warm and cozy feeling. 

My kids love it too! We have certain memories and traditions that we hold on to. Every year we watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown while eating those cheap halloween stamped cookies from the grocery store. We make an official outing to choose our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch or some years we’ve even grown our own. The past few years, the kids have decided that we have to eat homemade potato soup before we trick-or-treat the neighborhood. Isn’t it funny how doing something once with children often turns into a tradition that can’t be skipped?

I am unashamedly not a fan of the scary decor of Halloween. No plastic skulls or anything of the like. Hocus Pocus is as scary as it gets around here. However, I do love a smiling jack-o-lantern and white sheeted ghosts. 

We usually decorate for fall downstairs and put out a few easy Halloween decorations upstairs for the girls but this year we switched things up just a bit and I wanted to share a few ideas with you. The best part is that you likely have everything you need and if not, a quick trip to your local craft store or dollar store and you’ll be all set. The best part is these diy decorations will only take about 20 minutes of your time!

Coffee Filter Ghosts

  • cotton balls
  • coffee filters or scraps of fabric
  • string
  • sharpie or black marker

I’m not sure this even needs directions but place a cotton ball inside the middle of a coffee filter and tie a string around it. It’s that simple. If you don’t have coffee filters, save yourself a trip to the local store and use tissue paper. We added eyes and a mouth just to give them the full ghost effect. You could add googly eyes if you want but I like the simple look of the white paper and string. 

These would be cute anywhere but we chose to make a garland of ghosts and hung it from the dining room window where they can bee seen from the kitchen and living room. 

cottonballs covered with coffee filters tied together with string on a wooden table to make halloween decoration

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Bats on the Wall

  • scissors
  • black paper
  • painters tape

Paper bats are an easy craft that make the perfect addition to your ghosts. These are are such a fun way to add some spooky decor to your walls. I chose to hang ours around the coffee bar in our kitchen area. But last year we had them by our entryway table and mirror. 

This is a great project for kids. They can follow these simple steps but may need a little help with the cutting depending on their age. 

Cut out as many bats as you like from the construction paper. You can freehand or find a bat template online. We did small and large bats just to mix it up. Use the painters take to stick them to your walls. Don’t come at me if you use a different kind of tape and your paint peels. Wink. Be sure you use the blue painters tape or something that’s guaranteed not to remove the paint from your walls! Do not use duct tape. Just trust me. 

diy easy indoor halloween decorations

Other Ideas for Easy Decorations 

  • ​Hang witch hats from the dollar tree in your foyer or outside on your porch
  • Place mini pumpkins all around 
  • Spider webs are an easy way to decorate and maybe add those little plastic spiders 
  • Candle holders with taper candles make a great table centerpiece

It’s my hope that as my children grow up they will store up these simple seasonal memories and want to share them with my grandkids one day. With a little time and creativity you can quickly get in the halloween spirit without spending a lot of money. Put on a fall playlist and enjoy this snack while getting creative with the kids!

I hope you enjoy these DIY easy ideas for indoor halloween decorations! I would love to have you follow along on instagram and join our simple living community


DIY easy ideas for indoor halloween decorations

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