Autumn Ballard Virtual Assistant

Autumn Ballard Virtual Assistant- supporting your small business with the behind the scenes tasks that take time away from what’s important, growing your brand!

Lately, I’ve been working diligently to get everything set up from packages to contracts and even headshots (gasp) and I’m excited to launch and share with you!

Why a Virtual Assistant?

Over the past few years of building several businesses from scratch and starting this blog I’ve learned A LOT about the behind the scenes tasks of a small business owner. I’ve decided to take that knowledge and use it to help others grow their own business. And the best part is that I can do this from home on my laptop while homeschooling and baking sourdough!

What even is a Virtual Assistant?

Glad you asked. A virtual assistant is someone (me!) who provides professional administrative, marketing, or creative assistance to clients. (i.e., saves others time so they can do the things that make the money)

Why would I need a Virtual Assistant?

There are several reasons a business owner might hire someone to help with behind the scenes tasks. Building and growing a business can be tiring and sometimes overwhelming. Outsourcing tasks can free your schedule and help with the balance of work/life.

By outsourcing you’ll have more free time to work on the things that make the biggest difference in you bottom line by maximizing productivity.

Everyone has gifts and talents, but maybe yours isn’t marketing on social media or graphic design. Hiring a VA can help with the visual cohesion of your email marketing, social media, and blog helping your brand look more professional.

How can I support your new business?

Two ways!

If you own a small business and you’re interested in outsourcing administrative tasks, social media management, email marketing, or using Pinterest to grow your business consider booking a call with me. We can chat about your needs and see if I’d make a good fit.

Or, maybe you know someone who could use a girl like me to help with the behind the scenes tasks of a small business. If so, I’d love it if you’d pass my name along and share my portfolio with people you know! I’d appreciate being in the back of your mind as you speak with friends and family.

There’s no greater compliment than a referral!

-says every small business owner

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